Mon. 5/31 10:00 AM Closed for memorial Day
Tue. 6/1 10:00 AM New Theme: Community Helpers

Children will be learning about the different roles community helpers assume. We will be exploring the careers of firefighters, nurses, teachers, librarians, etc.

Thu. 7/28 9:00 AM NY Aquarium Trip

Sat. 8/27 11:00 AM LIVE ANIMAL SHOW There Here Again! Don't Miss out on our annual live animal show. Animal specialists bring exotic animals to our preschool for an educational and entertaining morning. Tickets are $3.50 per child, $4.00 per adult. $4 for kids and $5 for adults at the... more
Fri. 10/21 1:00 PM Cookie Sales End

All money due for cookie sales

Thu. 7/19 10:00 AM Trip to Center for Science Learning

We will be visiting the Center for Science Learning to continue building on classroom discussions. The children will have the oppportunity to handle some wildlife species in a professional and secure environment.

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